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Default Re: Steelers Draft mistakes 2007-2010

I posted this (or various versions of this) in a few other threads about the draft. I have cut & pasted...

Horrid. Everyone agrees on that. BUT, at the time, EVERYONE loved it... espeically Limas Sweed. In hindsight, it was an utter failure, but who would have known that both Spinny & Sweed would ahve mental issues... and, Tony Hilsl was a R1 prospect that dropped due to injury, and the Steelers take a calculated risk on him. Lastly, Bruce Davis was a sack machine... who simply never panned out. It happens.

2009: Hood, Wallace, Lewis, and DJ Johnson. Hood had been good, and Wallace was a home run. Lewis coudl eb a home run, and Johnson played well for a R7 pick. Getting four players who contribute is a good draft. Oh, and Urbik was cut by his position coach... and ended up starting on another roster (ie not Colbert's fault).

2010: Pouncey was a grand slam. AB was a home run... found in R6. Sanders could be a good pick. Worilds is alright, as has been Dwyer. Sylvester initially showed promise... but, he was a R5 pick. That is six who have contributed: a great draft.

2011: Heyward might be good, but he has not played enough to pass judgement on. Gilbert has played well. Cortez Allen is a home run. Carter is a question mark (much like Worilds). Adn, Baron Batch is a good special teamer. That is five who have contributed.

2012: Rainey allegedly hit a woman, and Ta'amu drove drunk. Gone and likely gone. DD was injured, but I love that pick. Spence was also injured, and also a pick that I love. Adams showed promis, and Paulson the coaches like. Beachum was a steal for a R7 pick (not a Tom Brady or an AB type of steal, but a steal nonetheless). That is five who contributed... and two who might wear orange jump suits.

These past three drafts have been pretty darn good. The 2002 draft (Randel El, Foote, Keisel, Hope) laid the groundwork for the 2005 (and the 2008) SuperBowls. These past three drafts are just as good (if not better).
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