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Default Re: Chad Brown calls Lewis overrated

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
everybody's entitled to their opinions. He's goes down as great - and i don't disagree with it - due more in part to his leadership attributes & popularity than his play on the field. I i don't even know how that can be disputed.
And his play on the field was no question above average/excellent.

And for the record, i have always liked Lewis, many times defending him and saying he would have been a great Steeler, while listening to others trash him on here. I just don't drink this "greatest ever Kool-aid". Once again, i don't disagree with Chad Brown.
To say that there are "plenty" of linebackers who "wipe the floor" with Ray Lewis sounded like the haterade to me. You can criticize his play somewhat in later years, but in terms of a career body of work I don't see how there is any room for discussion. Ray Lewis is an all-time great.
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