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Default Re: If the Steelers put Ben on the trading block....

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Funny, I haven't heard that or read it anywhere. Care to provide a link?

So how many "beast" players is he supposed to hit on per year? Six? Seven?

For as inactive as the Steelers are in FA, they better damn well be doing a decent job in the draft. Three Super Bowl trips in seven years with two wins suggests they are.
Read it from the washington observer....also just talking to other Steeler fans and wanted to post the opinion on the or two beasts a year is fine with me...the lack of quality back ups are not...Let's look at some drafts... 2006....only one that was still on the roster is Willie Colon....2007...was a nice draft...they got Timmons, Woodley, Sepulveda...(damn them knees...) and Gay....2008...just Mendenhall....everyone else was a bust...wasn't too high on Mundy's play....2009....Hood, Wallace, Lewis and Johnson were good picks...2010...Pouncy, Worilds, Sanders, Dywer & the steal Ed Bochette is saying fire sale on free agents...sounds like a blow it up for now...just keep in mind nobody knows anything and won't know until it happens....

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