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Default Re: Ravens ahead of Steelers, but change can come quickly

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
No, that's not what I meant by "owning the division". The Ravens own the last two division titles and the latest Super Bowl. Talking about the games that become more and more distant is pointless. The Ravens and Steelers are different teams. It's been quite awhile since the Steelers were a dominating force in the league and I see nothing that will change that going into the next season. Ben is one year older, one year further beaten due to a horrendous o-line. Flacco no longer has Cam Cameron holding him back and what a difference it has made.
The Rats don't own the division sport...the Steelers just let division opponents borrow it from time to time:

Steelers 20 division titles
Bungles 7
Clowns 6
Rats 4

The Steelers are undefeated (9-0) when playing division opponents in playoff games:

3-0 vs. the Rats
2-0 vs. the Clowns
1-0 vs. the Bungles
3-0 vs. the then Houston Oilers

The Steelers own winning records vs each division opponent:

63-57 vs the Clowns
53-33 vs the Bungles
21-15 vs the Rats

Think of the AFCN as a cage made of STEEL and owned by a Steeler... and in this cage are three little animals, a tiger, a dawg, and a raven ratbird.
The Steeler on occasion will let one of you filthy animals out of the cage and let you become the division champs.

Back into the cage next year ratbird.
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