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Default Re: Chad Brown calls Lewis overrated

Ray Lewis continued to be a big part of the D almost to the end. His abilities did diminish greatly the past couple of years though. Most noticeable was his slowing down. He didn't get into the backfield quite as fast so there were fewer tackles for losses and he could not cover quality tight ends like he used to. Lateral movement wasn't as good either. The blocks weren't shed quite as quick as he used to either. Instead of tackles for two or three yard gains they were for four and five yards; which add up a bit quicker.
However he still was a good contributor (and not just as a leader) and a quality player. He did not hurt the defense when he played. Last year at the Texans game (I happened to be there lucky me) he made two huge plays in the 2nd half, nailing Foster for a seven yard loss and forcing TJ Yates to run out of bounds instead of scrambling for a first down (it was him vs Yates alone on the outside and Yates went out instead of challenging Lewis). Lewis played well against both the Colts and the Broncos. Not so well against the Pats (their quick dink and dunks are hard for slower and older D guys to cover) or the 49ers (Vernon Davis one of the best and Ngata going out was devastating) but he and the other guys played the goal line stand well. No doubt about it.
Lewis (and Suggs as well) probably should not have been playing these playoffs what with their arm injuries (and Suggs achilies). The only reason Lewis and Suggs played this year was because the Ravens came so close last year that they thought a Superbowl was a real possibility this year and voila. If the team was in rebuilding mode Suggs probably would have chilled for the year and Lewis would have called it quits last year. Sorry for the book report.
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