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Default Re: Pittsburgh fire sale: The Steelers could lose every one of their FAs

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
People saying that guys like Troy, Harrison, Keisel, etc. are chronically injured and don't bring trade value aren't wrong, but fortunately for us, organizations like the Jets and Raiders exist so we can dump our garbage on them and get draft picks. You're forgetting that the Raiders gave up first round picks for Carson Palmer.

If those kind of deals take place, I'm sure a team that needs a Safety, ROLB and DE would give up a fairly high pick for one or two of those guys.
That's one thing everyone can agree upon. There are some teams run by morons out there. As for the Raiders I personally think Al Davis was in with the Mob (gambling and pointspread issues); how else can you explain all the mental retardation in Oakland since the early 1990's? They pawned their future several times for aging stars well past their primes (Russell Maryland Larry Brown in 1996, Seymour, Palmer), the list goes on. There are other poorly run teams though. The Chargers, Chiefs, Jets, and Bears I think are all poorly run.
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