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Default Re: You have to go into the playoffs hot?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Now you know how we feel when you say smart things like 'Trade Ben for Colin Kaepernick' and 'Kaepernick is a better Quarterback than Roethlisberger'. Yeah, it sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?

But, on topic, I don't think you have to but it certainly helps. The amount of bullshit fluke plays the Ravens advanced in the playoffs on was insane. That kind of stuff doesn't happen twice.
I never said any of those things verbatim so I don't know why you have quotations around it, unless that's a canadian thing. Someone else actually first said they would trade Ben for Colin and to be completely honest I probably would because I think Kaepernick will have a great career, will probably play for another 10-12 years, ben only for another 3-5. Thats MY opinion, I could be wrong. As far as Kaepernick being the better quarterback right now, he really isn't Ben's a lot smarter and more experienced, but in 5 years I bet Colin will be better than ben is, then ben will retire and Colin will continue to be great. This thread was so stupid that people are basically just carring on debates from different threads on this one, however when I make one negative thread mach1 shits all over it because he hates liberals such as my self. Someone mentioned X-Box, yeah I play X-Box, so the fuck what?
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