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Default Re: Opinions on using an early round pick on QB?

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
id say not this year. we are 8-8 not 6-10 so we really could turn it around with the right personnel changes which have to come through the draft. to take a qb who wont play and more thann likely a defensive player in rd 1 and 2 who also wont play, we will get nothing from the draft this year.

i can see the steelers signing a cheap back up with starting experience
8-8? 6-10 what's the differance? The team was awful offensively for more games than it looked good, I can see how a lot of fans are reluctant to Draft a QB early but the fact is the team needs a good backup and the Steelers situation is unlike other NFL teams. It's not a question of IF but more like when Ben will suffer an injury and miss 2,3 or maybe 4 games next season because it happens like clockwork every year. The Steelers need a backup with the skill and leadership of a Starter and luckily for us as Steeler fans the ownership sees the trend of Ben getting injured every year and Colbert stated they will not rule out drafting a QB in the first round.This team can and will survive a portion of a season with a backup LB or DB in the lineup but when your QB goes down its much harder to win
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