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Default Re: Mike Wallace vs Swann, Ward etc.

Originally Posted by Steelers5895 View Post
Hey I like Wallace but you can compare eras and stats can be misleading. What irks steelers fans is Pittsburgh players are known for being tough, even at the wide receiver position.

Wallace played soft and cowardly for selfish reasons. Plus he dropped a ton of passes.

Most players playing for a contract play hard to impress their team and the 31 teams but instead Wallace had the arrogance that he can get a contract without proving himself.
He was playing well as was the team until Ben got hurt. What did you want him to do, go into a phone booth and come out in tights with an 'S' on his chest? The guy has been a bargain based on what we've paid him thus far. We should have worked out a deal with him during year three, if we wanted to get him cheaper.

This cat has done his job as a Steeler wr and if he leaves we'll see just how effective he was. Of course he can be replaced as can any player on any team in the NFL but his absence will be noticable until we get someone to do what he is capable of doing.
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