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Default Re: Mark Ingram Anyone?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
I guess they forgot they were a throwing team when they drafted a runningback in the first round? My thinking is they were expecting more from Ingram than a 3.9 ypc. If Ingram was a better player he would be a bigger part of the offense. In the NFL most teams build around the talent they have- so if the Saints say that Ingram is not a feature back I will trust that because it is a well run organization. You really think he would be splitting carries if he was the next LT?

Yeah... let's trade a ProBowl OLB in Woodley for a guy who hasn't even sniffed a 1000 yard season.

Woodley will retire as the Steelers all-time sack leader... unless he gets traded for a middle-of-the pack running back.

You mean other than Mendenhall who averaged 1100 yards and 10 touchdowns on 4.1 ypc per season in the 3 years he was healthy?

---The bottom line is the Steelers need to re-sign Mendenhall. Re-sign Dwyer as a backup. There is nothing wrong with the running backs that a healthy OL and a good offseason won't fix. Dwyer's conditioning was garbage and he needs to get his ass in shape NOW!!!
i recommend you watch some games next season to get an understanding of football.

Ever think in their system Ingram didnt pan out? Kind of like Hood or Cameron in ours?

as for Woodley being a pro bowl linebacker? what on earth does the pro bowl mean? how about he was never an All Pro.

again, watch the games and learn a little about the game
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