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Default Re: Ben Roethlisberger is our John Elway

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
Of course, as we all know, Elway's best days were yet to come, and he became a better and more consistent QB during his last six seasons in the league than he was during his first 10 seasons. The Broncos gave him a stellar offensive line and an excellent running game, which brought out the best in him. Nobody tried to discredit him for having such a good supporting cast either, nor did anybody question his greatness despite a poor stat line when he finally won his first Super Bowl.
That's not quite accurate. Like the Steelers tried to do with Ben in 2012, Reeves made Elway the #2 option and tried to run into a brick wall for the majority of the game. They had the whole "we have to establish balance blah blah blah" mantra. When that didn't work and there was less then 2 minutes in the game, "JOHN HELP!"

Eventually, instead of hoping Elway could put on the superman cape and bail the team out in the last two minutes, the Broncos started to use him earlier and more often in the game. Maybe the Steelers will catch on someday and play modern football.
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