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Default Re: Mark Ingram Anyone?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Heyward is an amazing player. He is going to be a leader on the defense for years. He is not out of position at all he is a stud 3-4 DE.

Woodley being a ProBowler means he was one of the 2 best players in his conference at his position that year. It's just a nice feather in his cap... like being named 82nd best player in the NFL by his peers in 2011.

Woodley averages 12 sacks per 16 games for his career and you want to trade him for a guy who ran for 600 yards last year.

How has Reggie Bush done with the Dolphins? Has he suddenly emerged as a Probowler? Miami is using him wrong too! He is a 2000 yard back in the right system!
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