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Default Re: Mike Wallace vs Swann, Ward etc.

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Mike Wallace isn't on the same level as players like Swann, Stallworth or Ward. That's an absurd thing to say this early in his career, but it's no secret that he's a talented, lightning-fast wide receiver and he'll make a LOT of money playing for another team in the NFL very soon.
"He's about as exciting as it comes. He gets down field faster than me and Lynn did. As for being the long ball receiver, that's his forte. Swann and I thought we were longball players too, but we couldn't run like that.
"Wallace has potential to get better. That doesn't lessen what he's done, though. He has a lot of talent as a receiver already." --- John Stallworth.

John Stallworth compared himself and Swann to Wallace which is kind of absurd.

In 1978, Swann's best ever statistical season, he finished 8th in receptions, 7th in yards and 2nd in touchdowns. Swann made the HOF by being a big-play receiver... guess who else is a big play wide receiver? There are more than 300 players with more career receptions than Lynn Swann... THREE HUNDRED!!! So please spare me the typical canonization of past players. Swann is a great player in his own right but he is not Jerry Rice or Don Hutson.(Stallworth is 101st in career receptions which is very good for his era).

Wallace absolutely belongs in the conversation of the best Steelers wide receivers. Wallace is 26 years old. The best is yet to come.
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