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Default Re: Mike Wallace vs Swann, Ward etc.

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Wallace had 32 TDs in his first 4 years while Swann had 23, Ward had 15, Stallworth had 14 and Brown had 7 in his first 3.

In my mind, Wallace is one of the best Steelers WRs all-time and I will be extremely disappointed to see him go. Wallace had some key big drops this past season which was out of character for him ( I don't remember anyone complaining about his hands pre-lockout).

I strongly feel that retaining Wallace should have been the FO top priority. For once I would like to see a Steelers WR who has excellent chemistry with Ben to stay on the team after they are finally on the same page. Marvin Harrison played 10 seasons with Manning, Rice played 7 with Montana etc. I'm not saying that ben and Wallace are as good just pointing out how helpful it has been to have continuity for QB / WR combos over the years on other teams.
Again, how does a WR who deliberately does not try become one of the best Steeler WRs of all-time?

which was out of character for him
What? Even coming out of the draft his poor hands were noted.

I don't remember anyone complaining about his hands pre-lockout
I did.

You are comparing Wallace to WRs in the 70's and Ward? Do you understand the flaws in those comparisons?
Kordell Stewart + Starting QB Spot = 0
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