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Default Re: Hines Ward sucks!!!

Originally Posted by BlacksburgSteeler13 View Post
He should be thankful he doesn't root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Steelers fans shouldn't have to pay any money to watch a "professional" football team fail to make the playoffs once every three years.
Dear Pittsburgh Steelers,

I am writing to inform you that I am one, of many, disappointed fans. Since the inception of the SuperBowl, the Steelers have failed to bring home the Lombardi forty-one times. Heck, the did not even make it to the SuperBowl thirty-nine times. Even more discouraging is the fact that they only made it to the conference title game an unimpressive fifteen times.

I could live with such ineptitude, if it were not for the fact that you employ players of such irrefutable mediocrity, that one must wince when saying their names:

Lynn Swann played ballet. Hines Ward was a dancer. Jack Lambert is a freakin' forest ranger. And, Tim Lester drove a bus.

Speaking of your overly-hyped running backs, what was up with Rocky Bleier's foot? A real man would NOT have gotten injured from a measly grenade. Come on, man... stop crying already.

With such cads as your ambassadors, how dare you call yourself an "organization"... let alone act as though you are a reputable one.

In closing, I am writing to inform you that I am now going to become a Browns fan. "Why?" you ask. First off, their color-scheme is only matched by that of the Miami Hurricanes. Secondly, their mascot is a dog. And, I like dogs. Last, but certainly not least, rumor has it that they win the SuperBowl on a nightly basis. Can you match any of those criteria? I didn't think so.

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