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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

I concur. I was saying the same thing in the main threads: Warmack gives the team the best O-line in football. Not good, not great, the BEST.

An,d as I was saying there, the two SuperBowl teams got there, and the Ravens won because of their O-LINES.

Here is the thing:
1) No matter who one drafts, you are eventually going to have to pay them.

2) That is not such a bad problem to have (having five Pro-Bowl level O-linemen) to "have" to pay.

3) Why not have a lot of money invested in O-line??? Teams invest in RBs and WRs... why not O-lienmen? If they make BB better, and BB is the key to Lombardis, then I say attribute a lot of money to O-line.

4) Having to pay O-linemen is $4-5 million... whereas, WRs and RBs are $9-10 million. It would not cost as much as one would think.

5) The Steelers can cross that bridge (pay them or draft replacements) when they come to it.

Oh, and no matter where an O-lineman is drafted, if one happens upon a great one, even in R7, that lineman WILL get paid. See: Carl Nicks. Thus, I would rather have a great O-lineman now... and worry about paying him his huge contract later.
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