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Default Re: Mark Ingram Anyone?

With the exception of Adrian Petersen(todays NFL) a RB needs a decent OL. Our has struggled the last few years. A new OL coach will hopefully fix that. Bicknell prefers the zone blocking scheme which requires a RB to have vision and be able to cut then go, Mendy is that type of back. But we may lose him in free agency but if we are able to keep him he would excel in that type of line blocking scheme.
I think Ingram is under utilized in N.O. He is the type of back who needs to get 20 plus carries a game to be effective. He has good feet and may be a decent back in the future, however, this team is better off drafting kid in the mid rounds (Latimore or Gillisee) than trading for some other teams under utilized player. We struck lightening in a bottle with Jerome, but the Saints aren't the Rams and are not going to let a talented player leave via trade because they have "too" many backs.
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