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Default Re: Steelers Hire Jack Bicknell Jr. As OLine Coach

Originally Posted by El-Gonzo Jackson View Post
I dont see much changing. Bicknell will likely work with what he has in the big backs and run power man as base and then mix in some zone blocking in the run game. Pass protection is on the fundamentals and having good athletes like he has and working on their technique and reads as a unit.

Nothing revolutionary that I can see coming. Just a good replacement for the departing Kugler.
Good post. I agree. Changes will be incremental, and highly dependent of two factor, who settles in at LG, and if we can find a runner that would benefit from running zone blocking. Too bad Mendenhall more than likely is leaving because he'd be great at it.

Top end speed is not as important as acceleration, vision and anticipation. I'd like to think Redman could do it too, but I'm afraid he doesn't have the ability to plant his foot, cut, and blast off.

Not lining up 9-10 yards in the backfield would help too. ( who the heck came up with that anyway??)
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