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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I concur. I was saying the same thing in the main threads: Warmack gives the team the best O-line in football. Not good, not great, the BEST.

An,d as I was saying there, the two SuperBowl teams got there, and the Ravens won because of their O-LINES.

Here is the thing:
1) No matter who one drafts, you are eventually going to have to pay them.

2) That is not such a bad problem to have (having five Pro-Bowl level O-linemen) to "have" to pay.

3) Why not have a lot of money invested in O-line??? Teams invest in RBs and WRs... why not O-lienmen? If they make BB better, and BB is the key to Lombardis, then I say attribute a lot of money to O-line.

4) Having to pay O-linemen is $4-5 million... whereas, WRs and RBs are $9-10 million. It would not cost as much as one would think.

5) The Steelers can cross that bridge (pay them or draft replacements) when they come to it.

Oh, and no matter where an O-lineman is drafted, if one happens upon a great one, even in R7, that lineman WILL get paid. See: Carl Nicks. Thus, I would rather have a great O-lineman now... and worry about paying him his huge contract later.
What I'm saying is that's so much money focused on one area of the team. We already have a young talented line no need to add another in first where we have many more glaring needs.

It is a bad idea to have 5 probowl lineman on the team because it leaves you short handed at other positions, key positions like linebackers, d line, corners, safeties, wr. If you pay a lot on oline the talent on those other positions diminish because you don't have to money to pay and retain talent.

Teams do invest in rb and wr but only one rb and two wr. That's only 3 positions compared to 4 or 5 oline. And the defense has been just or even more important to winning superbowls.

Top center in the league is making 5.5mil. Pouncey will want that probably more like 6, being to probowls and being regarded as the best center. Top guard gets 7.2, dd when all is said and done should have a value of at least 6 mil, adding another potential great guard in warmack add another 6 mil down the line. Top 10 tackles get at the very least 5.5mil, so having just one in either Adams or Gilbert add 5mil and 3 for the other. That's a total of 26mil spent on the oline roughly.

Leaving the team with about 96 mil left for the other 48 men on the roster. Also you take in account bens 10-12mil a year your left with approx 86 mil for 47 players with 16 starters left. So your figure out of the 53, 31 don't start so let's say they account for around 22mil you have 64mil left for your other 16 starters which is a average of 4 mil a player. 4 mil average between your whole defense, wr, rb, te isn't so great, which leaves us to have a very unbalanced team. I do not want that.

And the warmack lacy combo won't be something on the radar come draft time I believe. On the main forum there is talk about our new oline coach running a zbs which worked well in kc. He has stated he wants smaller athletic lineman. Warmack is a big guy might be nimble but not want he's looking for.

Also in kc and in Haley's coaching career they like backs with speed to run outside and not between tackles so much. Lacy might have decent speed but is more suitable to run up the middle.
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