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Default Re: Steelers will select 17th in 2013 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by teegre View Post

He "should" go to the NYJets. He "should" go to the Titans. He "should" go to the Chargers. He "should" go to the Rams.

But, if he's there, I gotta think that he'd be the BAP. Even though Elam is "my guy", I am more & more leaning towards taking Warmack. With that monster of an O-line, ANY running back should be able to average 4+ yards per carry.

Plus... there's that BB guy to protect & stuff.

Really though, since BB would have 4-5 untarnished seconds (sometimes 7 seconds) to scan the field, the sacks would decrease, and in turn, he stays HEALTHY for the play-offs.

Good-bye, Elam. Hello, Warmack.
If the Steelers did get Warmack, that would make the new OL coach Bicknell a genius real quick. And whoever is feature back a 1,000 yard guy.

That play where Ben got hurt against KC was about 8 seconds per my count. He was 4-5 secs in the shotgun, couldn't find anybody, and moved up a couple yards and got sandwiched. I can't understand why Wille Colon didn't hold. I mean, that's his favorite move.

You got me talked into Warmack. No question in my mind the Steelers should take him if he's there at #17. He'd be playing Colon's position, right? What an improvement that would be.
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