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Default Re: I'm planning on going to the Steelers-Ravens game in Baltimore...

Originally Posted by steelerchad View Post
Probably close to 200 each to get in the door. Not good seats.
I've been their 7 times. Had a few words and such, nothing major. Hold your terrible towel tight. I saw people jerking them out of others hands and throwing them. Nobody tried it with me or my kids, but mostly a bunch of douche bags in my opinion. They hate us as terribly due to all the success and playoff losses. The last time I was there was when Santonio caught the TD on the goal line with 30 seconds left. They reviewed it forever and then the place went silent.

just my two cents - if you go and its a Steelers victory, I would just be mindful of your surroundings, especially exiting where some of them love to do little "run by" or "drive by" stunts - they are a good mix just like Heinz - mostly good, some remarks, and then a couple of douches here and there. Just know you absolutely will not leave without SOME razzing, and I'd be prepared for some serious smack talk - especially now that they're the champs - I was going to go with my father - but, not sure I could put up with their new found sense of accomplishment

sometimes I just really cherish the sofa, the big screen, my lazy clothes, and my home brew . . .
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