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Default Re: Redskins name change?

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Most Americans are okay with the name for several reasons, most notably they realize the name isn't sustained by the organization to be an insult to Native Americans. The team has been around for a very long time and the moniker's racist roots are obscured through time and desensitization. Just because most people are complacent does not make it okay. The few "whiners" you refer to are estimated to be over half a million people, discounting people like me who are not part of the Native American minority. If you walked around my hometown calling native men on the street "redskin" you'd get your ass beat. The anecdote of my classmate fighting over being called the name isn't an isolated incident. Maybe it doesn't happen often but it is something people like him will remember and hurt over for much of their lives. He didn't last at that school for much longer after that. He was a pariah, perpetually anxious and irritable because he knew at any time one of several kids in the class could whip a slew of racist slurs towards him. I see why he is probably in that small minority of "whiners".
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