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Default Re: Redskins name change?

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
If people really gave a shit and wanted change, they wouldn't be discussing this in the offseason. It's, yet again, another article that has to be written for headline purposes so we have something to talk about until the draft and/or training camp. It's bullshit, and if 90% of Native Americans don't care about the name then why should it be changed? So the 10% can change a name that a) has absolutely no effect on their day to day life and b) has been around as a sports team for over 80 years?

No. It won't and shouldn't be changed.
Same issue came up when I was in college. I went to the U of Minn and our main sport was hockey and our main rival was the N.Dakota Fighting Sioux. A few people complained who were not Native American and they complained loud. Easy to protest and complain when you do not have a job to go to. Some shakedown attempts followed and the NCAA which delves into politics far more than I believe they should (politics and sports should be separate) threatened severe action. ND ceased using the logo (despite have the support of the majority of tribes in the area) and also ceased some financial support for programs and aforementioned Tribes. But the logo which never hurt anyone was changed so that was all that mattered. Nothing to help the Native American population of North Dakota; of whom many many suffer in abject poverty in one of the most prosperous states in the Union was ever discussed. Onto the next cause of the week. Bottom line is if you care enough about this type of stuff to protest and sue and threaten action and so on then you need to get a job. People like this (and I made this argument on campus once) are just morons. I said that one needed to pick one's battles very carefully and make sure whatever you were fighting in support of was important because if all you do is protest and complain all the time no one cares about anything you have to say. That's what happened to the Occupy groups. Screaming, yelling, and protesting about everything and very soon no one cared anymore. Peace
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