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Default Re: Redskins name change?

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post
Say it ain't so. My vote goes to NO. It'll always be the Redskins, why change it because a handful of whiners don't like it. (Fact, Redskins was a term invented by the Natives themselves to distinguish themselves from Whites.)

I live in DC so this is pretty big new here.
I'd like to see your sources on this "fact". I've read otherwise, that it was a term used by Brits to distinguish the Native Americans from the Indians from, well, India.

I live in D.C. as well. I don't care for the name because I think it just sounds stupid. I don't have the least bit of Native American heritage, but I can't help but feel like "Redskin" has a very offensive connotation to it.

Originally Posted by Quackjack View Post

It is inevitable, isn't it?

Then what do you guys suggest changing it to?

Warriors? Pigskins?
Senators or Presidents. Either name would easily fall in line with with two of the other major teams here (Capitals and Nationals). There's even history behind the names:

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