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Default Re: If Ben was an Unrestricted Free Agent today , what would the Rooney's do ?

Originally Posted by lloydwoodson View Post
Add 4 games missed to off-the-field trouble. I think off-the-field trouble makes a player more unreliable because they can get hurt and they have the added risk of missing games to off-the-field behaviour. In Ben's case there is now a low risk of off-the-field trouble and credit to him for making some positive decisions.

In any event, while Roethlisberger might not miss games he plays hurt often. If there was a backup the Steelers felt more confident in they might not rush Ben back from injury etc.
I also find it funny Ben comes back this year only after the Steelers beat baltimore with Batch. His ego would not allow another QB to "win behind that Line" or whatever other lame things Ben apologist's have to say ! Then only after being completely ineffective the rest of the season and throwing terrible picks that cost the us playoffs does he say "maybe i came back to soon" Another built in excuse !!!!!!!!!!!
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