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Default Re: If Ben was an Unrestricted Free Agent today , what would the Rooney's do ?

Originally Posted by dez09231 View Post
As for the 4 game suspension, I highly doubt he's going to rape again. He probably had to pay the Georgia girl in the high 7 figures to make that go away. It was national news.
Not to rehash this debate for the 2,305,634,937,906,379,061,283rd time, but why is it unacceptable to speculate that the alleged victim "just wanted an easy pay day," but acceptable to speculate that Roethlisberger "paid her off to make it go away"? That strikes me as a blatant double standard. I don't believe either scenario to be true, but I do believe there's a shortage of critical thinking skills out there, considering this double standard has gone so long without even being noticed, let alone called into question.

As for the answer to the original question, the Rooney family would franchise him, sign him to a four- or five-year contract extension, and tell all the yinzers to pound sand.
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