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Default Re: Offensive/Defensive adjusted rankings...interesting

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
Those are the six games the Steelers lost when Roethlisberger started, but I only count three such TDs. In fact, four of those six losses came when the opponent kicked a game-winning FG in the final seconds, which means that it's impossible for Roethlisberger to have thrown any "garbage time" TDs in those games. At best, you're embellishing. At worst, you're just a liar with an agenda. Way to have no credibility either way.
I agree. The offense absolutely has it's problems, but I think the adjusted defensive rankings tell a whole other story. That the defense was pitiful this year outside of a couple great games.

I am not trying to bash Lebeau, but just calling it as I see it. I think Lebeau mostly benefited from great players on the defense, not a great scheme just a good one.

In his career with the Bengals as DC, the highest they ever ranked in yards was 8th in 1987 and 9th in 2001. Most of rest of the years outside of another couple were spent in the bottom half of the league, and more often than not was almost at the bottom. When he went back to Cinci to turn the defense there around, after 6 years he still couldn't.

The Steelers defense was great before Lebeau first became DC in 95. After he left they had a couple good years until turmoil hit the team with Stewart and Graham in the late 90's, but the lowest the defense dropped was 12th. In 2001 they were back up at the top with Tim Lewis as DC.

A defense that relies heavily on one or two players to be highly effective is not a good scheme. Without Troy the defense seems to fall apart. That isn't a good scheme in my opinion. A good scheme is one that doesn't take a PhD to understand and 3 or 4 years of sitting on the bench to observe and learn.

Troy helped to make this defense what it was over the last 8 years. His style of play and Lebeau's scheme are a perfect match, which is why it has worked so well since he came back.

If they want to keep this type of defense, which is fine if they choose too, then I think they need to draft a top safety since it seems like Troy is on his last legs.
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