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Default Re: If Ben was an Unrestricted Free Agent today , what would the Rooney's do ?

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
For the kazillion time, mainly because if there was any evidence that a rape occured, not only would he have had to pay off the girl, but all the law enforcement agencies in the State of Geogia. Even with Ben's $100 million dollar contract, that's not enough money to bribe everybody.

As for the girl's action, while you might convince me that she may not have been looking for a major payday, there is no doubt she was looking for trouble as evidenced by the DTF button she was sporting.

What is even more telling was the reaction of her father. What kind of father would not employ every means availible to defend his daughter's honor? Forget about the money for a minute, and think about you reacting that way if she was your daughter..

If 1/10 of what Ben has been accused of was true, either the courts, or the family would have halled Ben out to the nearest tree and hung his butt..

I hope that helps you understand how I arrived at my opinion, but I also understand where you are coming from and your sensitivity on the subject.. Listen, I've spent a lot of my early years working in bars, and bars in college towns as a working musician and have lived through a lot of crazyness just like this one.

Agreed it didn't make me a fly on the wall that night, or stall if you'd rather....( actually, there were probably were flys on the stall walls, not to mention at lot of liquid on the floor at that point of the day. Certainly not a exactly a place that would inspire one in search of amourus adventure...), but let me tell, the old BS o Meter hit a high level when this went down. Under the circumstances, normal people just do not react the way this girl and her father did when something as serious as a rape actually occurs unless there is more to the story.

And if there was, and If I were a betting man, there was another side of this that didn't favor the girl much. You certainly were not going to hear about it from the media making absolute fortune over this story acting as judge, jury, and executioner BEFORE examing the astounding lack of evidence that anything actually occured.

Sorry guys for hijacking this thread. This whole episode totally torques me off.

The chain of events was: Ben's bodyguards are seen leading visibly drunk girl to backroom, Roethlisberger goes in, bodyguards stand at backdoor and tell girls friends who are looking for her that she isn't in there, girl comes out crying hysterically, girl goes to police officer immediately, hospital staff describes her as "hysterical" and performs a rape kit that finds vaginal tearing consistent with rape as well as head injuries, girl has interviews with police, police interview Ben, police want DNA sample from Ben, girl magically doesn't show up for police interviews anymore and the DA can not compile a case without her testimony.

No one knows for sure what happened besides those two people, but she isn't going to go away without anything.

Originally Posted by Bayz101 View Post
Dez and Llyod are going to get married. Just need to arrange the ceremonies.

On topic: Pay the man.

I'm not moving to Canada. It's too cold this time of year. He's going to have to come down here.

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
Not to rehash this debate for the 2,305,634,937,906,379,061,283rd time, but why is it unacceptable to speculate that the alleged victim "just wanted an easy pay day," but acceptable to speculate that Roethlisberger "paid her off to make it go away"? That strikes me as a blatant double standard. I don't believe either scenario to be true, but I do believe there's a shortage of critical thinking skills out there, considering this double standard has gone so long without even being noticed, let alone called into question.

As for the answer to the original question, the Rooney family would franchise him, sign him to a four- or five-year contract extension, and tell all the yinzers to pound sand.

Because I read the entire file after it was released, from beginning to end. Judging by testimony of people at the club, the very best scenario is that he had his entourage help seperate a drunk girl from her friends, isolate her in a secluded room, went back and had consenual sex with her, then it was so magical for her that she started to have a mental breakdown in front of the club after it was over. He himself admitted 90% of what witnesses saw, even that there was sex involved.

If this was Ray Lewis we'd crucify him. But he's a Steeler, so its' cool.

Dude is a shit person, but a great football player.

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