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Default Re: Offensive/Defensive adjusted rankings...interesting

Originally Posted by Gnutella View Post
Hines Ward blamed the WRs. Kevin Colbert blamed the talent at RB. Greg Cosell blamed injuries. Yinzers blame the QB. Let's see here...a former teammate...the GM of the "all-22" film expert...yinzers...who's the least qualified to lay blame here, and who do they blame?

As for the six "garbage time" TDs, I'm trying to think of when they occurred...

Denver? No.
Oakland? No.
Tennessee? No.
San Diego? OK, there were three in that one.
Dallas? No.
Cincinnati II? No.

Those are the six games the Steelers lost when Roethlisberger started, but I only count three such TDs. In fact, four of those six losses came when the opponent kicked a game-winning FG in the final seconds, which means that it's impossible for Roethlisberger to have thrown any "garbage time" TDs in those games. At best, you're embellishing. At worst, you're just a liar with an agenda. Way to have no credibility either way.
How about last game of year ? Garbage time.
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