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Default Re: Ben Roethlisberger is our John Elway

Originally Posted by Neil-Still-Rules-14 View Post
You do realize only two receivers in NFL history have caught 20+ TDs in a season, right? Not to mention those two happen to be probably the two best receivers ever (Rice and Moss).
hahahahahahahaha. The overvalue of a chump like Mike Wallace is hilarious. When are some of you going to stop basing your infatuation with his balls, with stats. The guy turned into a little girl in the middle of last year when he realized the Steelers were gonna make him earn it a little longer. And since then, he played scared, weak and unworthy of playing real football. If he wants to go play for loser teams like the Stains and Porpoise or even that overrun Spygate team, go ahead. He will pull the same shit with them the moment they say something to the public about him playing like Randy Moss half the time.
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