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Default Re: Use Plaxico Burress more or cut him?

RE: Fitz's TD

What I want to know is why Taylor was in press coverage, on a long yardage down, at that point in the game, with no over the top help.

Back to the topic at hand, The first three drives the Steeler's made got them down the field in good fashion, but only netted one TD. That was the about end of the offensive output until the last drive end of the game.

From what I understand, these many years later, was that Both (C) Hartwig, and (RG) Stapleton's knees were trashed and were given fits by the Cardinal DL. As we all know, BA LOVED to run right, and when your RG has 40 year old knees on a 20 year old's body, it ain't going to be good.

As for the Safety, Hartwig saw the stunt coming, but just couldn't get all the way into position to use proper leverage. For all intensive purposes, Hartwig got run over more than he held the guy. It was a good play call, as was the slant on first down that was defended.

The second down running play, a head scratcher call, the counter, our bread and butter play for umpteen years is not one you typically run in your deep end. Unfotunately, Kemo ran outside the tackle box, but Parker took it inside behind Stapleton who had no leverage on his man. It was a freakin' miracle Parker made it out of the endzone.
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