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Default Wallace to Cleveland?

This morning I read an article by Chris Wesseling on the NFL's website that suggested the Steelers have no plans to slap the franchise tag on Wallace which in reality virtually guarantees he is leaving town.

It also states that according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, many within the Steelers' organization believe that Wallace will sign with the Cleveland Browns.

It's believed that Jason La Canfora has a pipeline to agent Bus Cook or another member of Wallaces' camp, considering the amount of stories he's been breaking in regards to Wallace as of late. Jim Haslam was formerly a minority owner of the Steelers.

The most important part of this is Norv Turner's presence, he coaches a vertical offense. The Browns are expected to do a lot of spending and IF Wallace ends up in Cleveland, like the article suggests, I'm willing to bet Brandon Weeden will not be their QB... Can you say Ryan Mallet...Alex Smith...Matt Flynn..or even Kirk Cousins perhaps?

There is some irony to this; not long ago, while discussing the possible departure of Wallace, some people including myself stated they would actually like to see Wallace end up in Cleveland, just so we could see him get shut down twice a year. I actually think that my exact words were, so I can see our Secondary put a shoulder into his chest and destroy him twice a year.
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