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Default Re: 5 Risky prospects that could help

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I have been on & remain on the "Lattimore in the fourth" bandwagon.

I think that his talent is worth that risk.
Marcus Lattimore was my favorite college RB since i watched him tear it up his freshman year. With that being said, as much as I love him, i think it is too big of a risk. 2 serious knee injuries is a lot to come back from. His last year, you could tell he was not the same runner. Although he was still good, he didn't run with the authority he once had and rightfully so. Add another injury to the mix and I am just not too sure. It is unfortunate, but as another posted earlier, we need a RB right NOW.

It was a dream of mine before his injuries that he would put on a Steeler uniform. But now unfortunately, I have to say I pass which is hard because he is a great guy. Someone will give him a chance, I just hope it's not Pittsburgh.
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