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Default Re: Redskins name change?

MYTH: The Redskins abuse the Native American people and use them as tools and savages for a stupid sports game!

TRUTH: Uh, have you ever seen how the Redskins treat the Native image? Let's look at their fight songs lyrics. "Hail to the Redskins" implies they are worthy of honor. "Hail victory, braves on the warpath, fight for old DC" implies they are victorious warriors fighting for their hometown. I could go on. The original lyrics mentioned scalping, something false and slanderous to the Native image, and was removed very shortly. Every mention of Redskins implies a brave warrior, not a savage.

MYTH: Native Americans find offense to the name Redskins!

TRUTH: Uh... no they don't. According to NBC 90% of Natives do not mind the term Redskins, or the football teams name. I think they don't mind.


TRUTH: Actually I am a bleeding heart liberal, who has friends of many races and a fascination of Native American culture. I simply think the Redskins team is fine. Nice try though. Look I'd be pretty fucking pissed too if my land was destroyed and my numbers crushed, but I'd also root for a team named the Washington Europeans as well. There is no harm meant, the opposite in fact.

Go Steelers and HTTR.

*PS I wrote this wearing a Steelers jersey, don't say I am not loyal to my favorite team either...*
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