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Default Re: Keenan Lewis Worth 8 Million a Year?

Originally Posted by WVABE View Post
4 mil. + bonus's, 1/4 mil per INT or a PIK 6 for 1/2 mil.

That will motivate those hands a little.
The problem with incintives for INTs is that players are then forced to "go for the ball" instead of doing what they "need" to do.

I know, I know: some will say that going for the ball is always the best option. But, not true.

Sometimes, in man coverage, when the defense rushes a bunch of people, the CB's job is merely to stop the hot read. Sometimes the blitzers get there; sometimes they do not... and, when they do not, the CB's job is to minimize the completition. Whereas, the worst-case would be a CB, with no safety help (due to blitzing), attacking a three-yard hot-read... and that three-yard completition gets turned into an easy TD.

Better yet, at the end of the Balt-Denv play-off game, the safety WENT FOR THE INT. Here are three better options in that case:

a) He tackles the WR in bounds, the offense was left with NO time-outs, and 40 yards to cover... taking away all of the clock... and ending the game.

b) He tackles the WR as the ball arrives, hopefully, dislodging the ball... but, with the worst case being that the WR gets tackled out of bounds (stopping the clock). But, even in that case, the Ravens would still have had to score a TD... (as opposed to giving up the easy score).

Either of those was much smarter than "going for the INT"... which he did... and, in turn, lost the game.
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