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Default Re: ESPN Insider: AFC North Holes

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
His instincts are supurb. He rarely takes a wrong step. He is the first player to move... like Troy does: he moves before the play unfolds, and is in the "right" spot to make the play.

As you said, he is the new breed of LB: he can cover the Gronks and Hernandezes of the world. And, this is becomming more & more of a passing league. Ergo, his assets outweigh his deficits.
You're spot on - he could cover guys like Gronk and Hernandez with no problem. He'd be effective in covering guys like Pitta and Rice out of the backfield, too, which is a huge plus. It'd be nice having Spence shadowing Rice twice a year, preventing a 4th-and-29 play to happen (I still can't believe that happened).

Here's the thing, though. There's Linebackers in this draft that play like him, but are better at it. Arthur Brown, Alec Ogletree and Kevin Riddick all play a similar game to his and are, most importantly, stronger than Spence is by a considerable margin. They have the ability to get into the backfield and shed blocks which Spence struggled with. Going against an offensive linemen, Spence is going to lose that battle 100% of the time. This would make him ineffective and ultimately useless in blitzing situations.

I do think we need someone like Spence to play inside with Timmons that would ultimately free him up to blow shit up at the offensive line. I wouldn't be upset if we had Spence in, but I think that we have better options right now than him that will be available to us in this draft.

Really, at this point, it's a win/win. I'm not high on Spence, but I understand he fills a need and frees up Timmons to be the second best ILB in the league.
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