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Default Re: Let's just stick with Mendenhall.

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Ted Kaczynski was a killer. All Mendenhall did was not show up for a game in which he was singled out for an offense that the other four guys were just as guilty of, and he made some controversial comments that were not well-received by the largely conservative Steelers' fanbase.

His comments were purely political and have nothing to do with his performance on the field or his head. I think Tomlin unfairly singled him out and used him to make an example about the fumbling thing. I would be annoyed with my employer too, if they only punished me for something that the other guys they chose to promote over me were guilty of as well. That is called a double-standard.

I think if you really want to evaluate Mendy's head and his level of committment to the team-- you should think about the fact that he rushed back in 11 months from an injury and rehab that is normally 18 months. He is only 25 and as he started to get healthy, showed that he is still productive.
he rushed back because it was his contract year, not because he was committed to the team
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