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Default Re: Let's just stick with Mendenhall.

Originally Posted by WokeUpWithaWoodley View Post
For those who think mendenhall fumbles a lot here's a stat.

"So far through five seasons Mendenhall has fumbled the ball nine times and lost seven of those fumbles. That means he fumbles about every 105 times he touches the ball. For a better perspective that number is better than Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, Marshawn Lynch, and Jamaal Charles.”

Also another tid bit from this that article

"During Dwyer’s early college career he was a quick power back, but he is about 15-20 pounds heavier now. If the Steelers want a runner that can get to the edge they may have their guy in Dwyer. It will just require Dwyer to drop some weight and get back to sprinting. Dwyer was a All-State sprinter in high school he ran a 10.81 in the 100 meter dash, the second best time in the state of Georgia."
I can agree with this somewhat but it kills me to watch him dance in the backfield looking for and opening. I would love to see his stats on loss yardage it would probably be mind boggling. I just think we need a more productive back then what we got. I was probably one of the biggest Mendy fans they were when we drafted him but I don't feel that way anymore.
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