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Default Re: Let's just stick with Mendenhall.

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
I am sorry you didn't understand my succinct point but you don't have to get angry and tell me to leave. Ignore my posts. You seem to follow me around and bitch about everything I say. You're doing more to hijack a thread by spewing that garbage than what I said. Maybe read into what I said a little more and you might come up with something such as:

"This Ravens fan wants the Steelers to keep Mendy. Why would he? Probably because he doesn't think Mendy is the best choice going forward. "

Maybe there wasn't a lot of substance and argumentation for my feeling this way but for you to bite my head such a petty reason is sad. I gave my opinion and it's more than what you replied with. Maybe you should be the one who takes a hike. You know, cool off for a bit.
Oh I'm sorry for calling out a Ravens fan who thinks that posting in a Steelers forum that the Steelers should go on with a Running Back that isn't the best option for the team. You're right, I was offside for doing so.

Maybe I just don't like the Ravens and their shithead fans. Post constructively or don't post. If you're going to say stupid things (i.e, I hope the Steelers keep a RB that isn't good for their team) then don't post.

I wouldn't waste my time following you around but you seem to post ignorant and stupid bullshit in most threads which is unfortunate.

Anyway, I think there's better options for us at RB even with a ZBS implemented. Look for guys like Lattimore or Taylor to be drafted as they're both one-cut style 'Backs that can hit the lanes that would (hopefully) be open.
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