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Default Re: The Pope quits - hands in his resignation

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
Before he was pope and just a cardinal he was responsible for moving around several sexual predators and keeping their crimes private. The policies the church had for victims of sexual abuse was insane. Excommunication for victims if they spoke out about the alleged crime until they reached a certain age. He wasn't a predator himself but the way he protected the church from scandal is outrageous. He is supposed to be the vicar of Christ? Yeah, right. The late Christopher Hitchens spoke of this often and I remember him debating that asshole Donahue (the head of the Catholic League, not the talk show guy) on youtube, it would be easy to find.

I could go on and on and on about the Vatican. They have their own god-damned city state, a palace filled with ostentatious and garish wealth. It is apparent in which life these men want power and prestige and it sure isn't the afterlife. I'm sure Jesus would look at the Vatican or church at large and be filled with joy at the direction they've taken the past twelve hundred years.
Agreed about his activities both in Germany and when in Rome prior to becoming Pope - but that is all out there - the post to which I responded was whether his sudden abdication is because a new scandal is about to blow up
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