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Default Re: Mike Wallace vs Swann, Ward etc.

Originally Posted by StevieRayVol View Post
Think these guys could have played in the days of before 'THE MEL BLOUNT RULE"...All I know is Stallworth and Swann have 4 rings each...."THEY WERE MONEY WHEN THE GAME WAS ON THE LINE"...Lynn's Swann's catches against Dallas in Super Bowl 10 were the stuff of legend, He and Stallworth both had a good game in Super Bowl 13 and John Boy saved the day in Super Bowl 14 against The Rams...THEY WERE MONEY WHEN IT COUNTED...WHEN THE GAME WAS ON THE LINE THEY WANTED THE BALL...And you want to compare Mike Wallace with these guys
That sums it up right there. Rings to determine an individual's ability or status... it's not just for quarterbacks any more!

This message brought to you by "I repeat ESPN verbatim" in coordination with "Those who can't think for themselves."

John Stallworth had 11 catches in 4 Superbowls.

Mike Wallace had 9 catches in 1 Superbowl.

Mike Wallace>John Stallworth>Lynn Swann

The end.
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