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Default Re: Let's just stick with Mendenhall.

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
I still don't think you can glean much from that not showing up for the SD game.

He rushed his recovery to be there for the team (you can debate his motives, but without more info-- all you and I can do is make assumptions), only to be singled out for an offense that was by no means unique. It isn't like Mendy was dogging it in any of his previous seasons-- we always got a good effort from him.

Would be different if he were the only one who fumbled in that game, but he was only the 4th Steelers player to put the rock on the ground in that game. For Tomlin to single him out, and in the end, hurt the team by benching our best option at RB, was one of the few moves Tomlin has made since taking over that I will label as "stupid". It looks an awful lot like a double-standard or total hypocrisy.

Whoever pointed out that it seems like Tomlin just does not like Mendy, is absolutely correct I am thinking.

Granted, a no-show is not the correct way to handle that, but I can't really blame him for his reaction.
I'm not arguing that he didn't have a right to be pissed. He did, but that doesn't excuse him not showing up for a game. A practice maybe, but not a regular season game.

I just wanted to point out that he isn't a team player or committed to the Steelers by pulling stunts like that. He should have handled it better and addressed it with Tomlin personally or in some other constructive way.

I do agree with the poster that stated they think Tomlin doesn't like him for whatever reason. He has come down hard on Mendy several times when others deserved it more.

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