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Default Re: ESPN Insider: AFC North Holes

Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
In our defense, as the DL goes, so does our LBs. When the DL is doing it's job our LBs look a whole lot better. I'm not exaclty convinced our DL was that great last year, especially against zone blocking systems.

As for Spence, he's 6'1" and runs a 4.6. Tall TEs like Gronk and Pita will not only have a speed advantage, but also a major height advantage. I'll agree Foote was lacking is pass coverage, as that's never been his strong suit, and he hasn't improved with age for sure.

Spence is looking more like a David Little/ Sam Mills ILB clone
Jerry Rice ran a 4.7.

I watched quite a few games of Spence in college, and what can't be undervalued is that he does not take a wrong step AND he's the first player to move (like how Troy just seems to "know" where the play is going to go).

I've seen fast LBs take an initial wrong step, and then they HAVE to use their speed to make up for running the wrong way. Likewise, a lot of LBs have to watch a full second of a play before they can react. Spence takes the correct first step (.5 seconds in his favor) and, as already mentioned, he reacts at the snap (1 second advantage)... totally nearly a second & a half of him running towards the play.

Height: I'd rather have a guy in the right position (right next to the TE) than a tall guy who is five feet away.
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