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Default Re: Why the Steelers? Convince me

Originally Posted by aa14 View Post
If you're going to become a fan of the Steelers you might as well forget that and consider the Ravens instead. They are a lot like the Steelers except less ugly (See: Suggs) and they have a superior front office. I won't mention the recent success but the future is bright for the organization. I've talked with dozens of Steelers fans over the years and they are fantastic but there are several grave concerns regarding their choice of franchise to cheer for. Neurosis is prevalent in long-term fans. There are several studies being conducted at Dalhousie University and U of Connecticut concerning this phenomena but I'd hold off until the results are in (It may take several more years). If you are in a rush and truly care for your mental health you should become anything but a Steelers fan. Even the Raiders might be stressful on you in the long run. You've been warned!
plus you get to wear all the purple spandex you can stand!
you'll always have an unfavorable opinion of New York if you only focus on the pimps and the C.H.U.D.s
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