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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
Can mocks be official? Seems kind of silly. Anyway, here's my first 'official' mock of 2013.

R1. Dion Jordan - DE / converted to OLB - Oregon

This pick hasn't and won't change for me. I wrote an article about why I think he's an elite prospect and talent which is still sitting at 0 replies, so I guess that isn't the popular choice on these forums so because of that, I won't go into why I like him or why I think he'll be our first. Right now, he's the only guy I would take over Vaccaro because of the need we have at OLB and the lack of depth in this draft for legitimate pass-rushers.

R2. David Amerson - CB / converted to FS - North Carolina State

He's a ballhawk. 12 interceptions in 2011 and 16 pass defensed. This is the kind of guy we're missing in the backfield right now. We have Ryan Clark who is a very good Run Support FS, but he can't pick off passes consistently and is better when he's playing in the box. He's also up there in age as well. On the other side, we have Troy who hasn't been the same for years. He's obviously lost a step and can no longer create turnovers at the pace we need him to. Amerson is the kind of guy that can step in and create turnovers when he eventually takes over the reigns for Clark. He wouldn't start next year, but he would make an instantaneous impact on ST and has the potential to play specific packages for us.

R3. Jonathan Cyprien - SS - Florida International

Talk about a 1 / 2 punch with Cyprien and Amerson in 2014. Cyprien hits hard and plays harder. A guy that was turning heads all week at the Senior Bowl shot his draft stock up from a potentially undrafted to a third round draft choice - not bad for a weeks work. He's not only a big hitter, he's also great in coverage. He plays like a Polamalu in the fact that he can play in the box but also has the ability to blanket receivers and often times plays his best when he's able to play on the line of scrimmage and jam receivers when he's asked. He didn't get to showcase his ability to blitz or disrupt so that's the only question mark here for him. A great pickup for us.

R4. Marcus Lattimore - RB - South Carolina

Here he is. Look, this is probably the safest pick in the entire draft for us. A fourth round pick spent on a guy that has the potential to be our franchise Running Back for years. Everyone knows about his potential and the upside he brings so I won't ramble. I do think he's going to be ready for the NFL come September and I do think he's going to be our starting Running Back. Here's a picture for you guys - Marcus Lattimore running behind Pouncey and DeCastro. Yeah, I'll take it.

R5. Nico Johnson - LB - Alabama

I've been catching a lot of heat for knocking Spence and questioning his ability and whether or not he's going to be our guy. Now, I'm not going to open that can of worms, but I think Johnson is the better overall prospect and a better fit for us. He isn't great in coverage and this is something I'll concede, but most 'experts' had him as a sure-fire first rounder going into the 2012 season. He was overshadowed on a defense that has elite playmakers at every single position on the field and now that will ultimately benefit us. He's excellent against the run and can stuff plays at the line of scrimmage. He's a bigger, faster and stronger Larry Foote with better coverage ability. While he isn't great in coverage, he's good enough to free up Timmons and allow him to blitz and disrupt the line consistently which would ultimately help Jordan and Woodley get pressure.

R6. Michael Williams - TE - Alabama

This is another guy that turned heads at the Senior Bowl, but didn't do enough to launch his stock considerably. This is a project pick, but a great one. If he's able to work and learn under Miller, this guy is the next Heath Miller. He's fast and agile enough to get separation but big enough with sure-hands to be a legitimate redzone target. This could potentially be the best pick of the 2013 draft and not just for us - but period.

R7. Marquess Wilson - WR - Washington State

Another project pick. The guy can just catch passes. He possesses deceptive speed and is lean and athletic enough to get separation. The only knock on this guy is his size. He's listed as 6'3 188 lbs., but looks closer to 175 in reality. He needs to bulk up and continue to put size on but if he's able to accomplish this, I think he's going to be a very good pick for us. This guy has the potential to be the next Antonio Brown type player for this team.
not gonna lie, if we got this draft i'd get a bit of a chubby..

add it to last year, and getting spence, adams, decastro healthy for a full year.

19-0.. here we fRIGGIN GO
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