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Default Re: Harrison to where?

Originally Posted by charlesk View Post
Just helping to educate (probably a lost cause) the ignorant masses that make up the bulk of Steeler nation that their beloved Harrison is a selfish douche that cares only about himself and cannot take care of either a child or a dog properly. Of course in Pittsburgh I am sure it is considered chic to lock your dogs up and abuse them and then let them bite children. Real winner. I see everyone in the NFL and all the networks waiting to hire him when he has to hang it up. What type of a douche is Harrison? One that fits right in down at Heinz Field.
So Harrison is a selfish douche?

Did he obstruct a murder investigation that left 2 men with young children dead? Does he do some kind of crazy dance every time he enters the stadium to draw attention to himself?

At least Ray Lewis feels badly for the family of the men his friends killed. Wait, no he doesnt, he was more worried about himself. Move along troll.

Lewis also sounded delusional when saying "the saddest thing ever" was supposedly being told he was going to be punished for something he didn't do. Sharpe didn't ask Lewis who made this statement to Lewis, who clearly has no concept the saddest thing in this case is that two men, one of them the father of an unborn daughter, are dead.
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