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Default Re: Use Plaxico Burress more or cut him?

Originally Posted by Neil-Still-Rules-14 View Post
Under this rationale, Whisenhunt won the Lombardi with Mularkey's players.
That was a joke and a shot at the "Tomlin won with Cowher's team" haters.

I would think that most people's favorite playcall would be the game winning TD pass. Also, the sneak was originally a TD and was very questionably overturned. And the playcall on the safety was excellent, if Hartwig hadn't gotten run over, the game would have been put on ice.
Check out the 25:00 mark- worst playcall in a Superbowl ever. You are thinking of a different drive. I am talking about the Steelers drive where they had 2 1st and goals due to roughing the kicker and still couldn't score against the 27 ppg allowed Cardinals D. Umm Hartwig's holding was a safety because RUTM, RUTM, 3rd and 10 Ben help!!! doesn't work.


If Ben hadn't led them down the field to score a TD and win the game, that wouldn't have mattered. And I imagine you would probably point out over and over that it was Arians and Ben's faults that the Steelers lost. But they don't get credit for engineering an unbelievable 90+ yard drive to win? Come on.
Everyone knew the Steelers would be calling pass plays on the final drive. There were no surprises. Ben and Santonio executed. Period. Ben played maybe the best game of his career. He was awesome in Superbowl 43. Arians not so much.

Harrison should have received MVP honors- no credit for 100+ touchdown return. Come on. Steelers don't win that game without that play and Arians did not have a God damn thing to do with it.

Arians did have a hand in two 3 and outs in the 4th though, and the failed red zone series where they had 6 chances to score from the 5 yard line.
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