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Default Re: Pittsburgh fire sale: The Steelers could lose every one of their FAs

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
1. Still, when he got to start, he played well. It's not like he played poorly. I do not see how a player having a good year makes him a bad pick.

2. Says you. I've heard several analysts (Dilfer, Cosell) talk admirably about Pittsburgh's depth.

3. See above.

4. So, the fourth overall pick is better than Wallace. Duh. Come on man... you have to do better than that.

So, a team has some high picks pan out. Okay... and...??? How about the later picks? Plus, how is Gresham any better of a pick than DD or Hood?

5. You also don't get paid to evaluate them...
The Steelers starting lineup is as average as it has been in years. Looking at our defense position by position Lebeau deserves all the credit in the world. So i'm not sure we have great depth.

Wallace and Brown were advertised as superstars, Green is a superstar, Wallace is a low number 1 wideout and Brown an average to good number 2.

DD looked great in college , but got pushed around like a bitch the starts he made at the end of the year. I hope with a injury free camp and season he turns out as projected. So at this point he has showed zip.

Hood is a good player. Questionable number 1 pick, but a good player.
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