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Default Re: Pittsburgh fire sale: The Steelers could lose every one of their FAs

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
in defense of the FO, they never really expected 2nd round picks ricardo colclough and bryant mcfadden to be complete busts, and we did lose william gay in free agency. its not like they purposefully neglected the position.
Yes, that's true. I wonder whether it's been a run of bad luck picks, or bad skill at picking. Whatever it is, it's been a bad run.l.

Originally Posted by teegre View Post
I agree: the O-line was ignored for far too long... which is why I love the past few drafts.

Pouncey in R1 in 2010
Gilbert in R2 in 2011
DD & Adams in R1 & R2 in 2012

Now... why was the O-line ignored until 2010? They seemed to like The Colon... and when not playing like an ass, Kemo was a great blocker. Lastly, Starks has been solid for a long while. Now, the other spots on the O-line have been horrid... which makes me wonder how Urbik was let go.

Regardless, I'm happy now.
Yes, I'm very pleased with the potential of Adams/DD, and Pouncey of course. Beechum coud be a find. Looking forward to seeing those guys healthy and kicking butt! But I'm concerned that Gilbert might be a swing and a miss given his big step backward last year.

As for the others - nice to see that Starks finally started takiing things seriously the past two years, once he was almost out of the NFL. Too little, too late - it would have been nice to see that effort during his seven slothful years here. As for Colon - well, now we know that his natural position isn't OT or OG; since we have a center, he can go draw penalties somewhere else when healthy. As for Chemo, I never say anything there. I like Legursky's effort and flexibility. Foster is another low effort player, but he's OK for depth - but only if very cheap.

Originally Posted by Steeldude View Post
Sounds like Foote. At least Spence can cover. Spence is only inferior to Foote in terms of experience.
Originally Posted by VaDave View Post
RE: Weight

Spence is heavier than Farrior.......... Being honest, I really didn't see enough of him to see if he had glaring deficiencies tackling. I'll defer to your observation.
I sure hope that Spence will be a big contributor, cause we need young LBs to step up. But that was a big injury ...
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