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Default Re: Cook: It's time for LaMarr Woodley to focus on football

Originally Posted by TRH View Post
what about his "bowling league" too? He's on Twitter and Facebook all the time talking about "current events", his bowling, stuff about other games/players, portrayals such as this, etc.
Meanwhile - i'm thinking "why aren't you just in the goddamn GYM????"

I don't want to hear about bowling leagues, magazine shoots, and various community service 'meet and greets'. Sure as hell doesn't seem to be much, if any, focus on the 2 things he needs to focus on - and i mean razor-sharp focus - football and working out/gym/getting in spectacular shape. I'm really starting to wonder if we'll ever see that out of him at this point...................
Unfortunately - today's NFL is not even the NFL we were used to during the XL or XLIII run - same goes for the type of players. We are going to see a dip in execution by most teams and players during the regular season - a lot more sloppy football and the first to 35+ points wins. Then, whoever is good enough to get into the extended playoff field (ludicrous) will have a chance at a trophy. We might see a .500 team get in and get just the right matchups (even a team like the Jets who are dysfunctional 24/7) - do just enough to eek out a trophy - demeaning the whole thing. Watered down league, watered down teams, players with lack of substance.

Just about all players market themselves on social media nowadays - but, you can make up your own mind and decide who is spending more time on it and with extra curricular activities and who is only using it on occasion.

Does this make Woodley an Grade A a-hole? Absolutely not. Bad person? No. Great teammate and great player he COULD be? Not that either. He has a ton of potential - this year will be very telling if Woodley is here for a while longer or if he is just a flash in the pan.
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